In our new article, we will discuss the causes, forms and consequences of the most widespread, most recent phenomenon of online poker. We will also tell you how to deal with them.Everyone is familiar with this phenomenon, but only a few successfully overcome it. It’s about tilt. Read on and find out yourself in these lines.

Let’s imagine a typical gclubHold’em player. He is a cashier and now he does not add up.The game hasn’t been running for several weeks. More coin flips are lost than they should be, draws are not closed, and opponents always have better hands.The player takes a break. A few days later, he feels better and is in a good mood.

Four hours later flooded four stacks, no luck. Launched aces the kings have moved. In the next hand, he entered a 5-bet pot with A-9 and lost to the queens.The laptop slams shut with force, the mouse flies into the corridor.


Tilt as a phenomenon is definitely no younger than poker. The reason for this phenomenon lies in variance roughly speaking, the spread of probabilities, the possibility of random events. There is always a chance to catch an upstream or downstream, or even run into some terrible setup.The extreme situations caused by the dispersive nature of poker are unsettling and the level of play is declining. This is tilt.

A good player is not only masterful in theory and practice, but also psychologically stable. The ability to resist tilt is greatly underestimated.One of the few players who developed immunity to tilt was the legendary Chip Reese.Any experienced player will tell you that in reality everything is much more complicated. You are suddenly seized by emotions, your consciousness becomes clouded.

In subsequent articles, we will understand how and why this happens. Understanding the causes and the different forms of tilt is the first step to controlling your own psychological state.

Read on to find out why tilt accompanies more than just losses and downswings, that there are types of tilt that you never imagined, and how to deal with all of this.

Causes of tilt

Tilt is the Achilles heel of almost every player. Most people understand by tilt the following: loss of control after a steep bad beat or prolonged downswing. Smoke from my ears, I want to play with every hand and call / raise everything.

So why does this condition occur?

In fact, this is a big problem that primarily affects the level of the game. A tilt person just can’t play well.Tilt is caused by various factors bad luck, fatigue, despair, euphoria, and all this can be a consequence of the action of any “substances”.

A person begins to play with emotions, and not with common sense.Everyone tilts differently and for different reasons. But there is something in common: everyone is subject to tilt. There are some more, some less.



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